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I could probably write a book


I have a passion for building things for the internet. I feel I have a keen understanding of what makes something great. I love taking a project from an idea, and building that idea into something. I love learning about new ideas/technologies, I love teaching others about the web, and how, I feel, best to use it to build businesses, brands, or that funny joke you turned into a website. I'm always building something (most of the time it's a joke, but, it should always be enjoyable)

I have always loved Marketing and Advertising and I feel my interest in marketing and branding has given me a unique advantage as a developer/designer, I see the technical/design side of the project, but I love working on the "how" to any problem, trying to figure out what it takes to drive people, or increase sales.

I'm always looking to meet and talk to new people, or even old people. When not working I play ice hockey, the harmonica, and help organize Startup Weekend, here in Dallas.

Things I've done

I'm great at doing things


I have a piece of paper that says I owe some bank a lot of money.

Sam Houston State University

Undergraduate Studies - Transfered: 2006

After high school I had inteded to work in film, I loved video editing and production, but I found I was much better working with people and building things on the internet. So after a year of film production and design classes I moved closer to home to persue a degree in Marketing. (quite the flip I know.)

Texas Wesleyan University

Bachelors Business Administration, Marketing - Graduated: 2009

Working with people and businesses is something I feel I'm really good at, so Marketing seemed like a great fit. Although most of my projects had an internet/social spin to them. I loved presenting and showing off cool ideas I had for various projects. All-in-all I learned a ton, small school, small classes, internationally recruited table tennis team.


These guys paid my bills, they all do cool stuff, and I owe them a ton. Much Love!

Texas Advertising

Dir. Web Development / Crowley, TX / 2006 - 2011

Marketing/consulting firm focused on the RV & Campground industry. We did pretty much everthing from print design, to web applications even social media marketing. I spent most of my time building websites for campgrounds, gave a few talks about internet marketing and trends.


UX Developer, Product / Lewisville, TX / 2012 - 2014

Changing healthcare. Changing the way patients look for care, informed decisions can lead to better decisions. Seriously, these guys are doing some amazing things. I was hired as an application developer, after a year I moved to a product design role.

Parsons Corporation

Application Developer / Pasadena, CA / 2014 - Present

Desiging things, building things, keeping the front-end of enterprise applications looking nice and shiny.

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